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Bush’s Baked Beans

Peyton Manning Can Opener

Poppin’ Cans with Peyton

Bush’s Baked Beans, the largest producer of baked beans, faced a unique challenge: creating a promotional item to engage their audience and reflect their brand’s fun-loving spirit.

Collaborating closely, BAMKO and Bush’s developed the Peyton Manning Canning Can Opener. This custom-designed can opener featured a football-shaped handle with the Bush’s logo and played one of eight iconic Peyton Manning catchphrases with each use. It was both functional and entertaining, embodying the essence of Bush’s Baked Beans.

The results were nothing short of remarkable. The can opener became an instant viral sensation, with fans clamoring to get their hands on one. Bush’s ordered 5,300 units, and the 5,000 available to the public were claimed in just an hour.

The campaign generated significant buzz on social media, showcasing the can opener’s popularity and engaging consumers in a new and exciting way. It successfully aligned with Bush’s core values, adding a playful element to their brand that resonated with consumers and reinforced brand loyalty.

The key to the campaign’s success lay in its innovative design and strategic partnership with Peyton Manning. By combining practicality with humor and celebrity appeal, Bush’s created a promotional item that delighted their audience and drove significant brand engagement.

Bush's Baked Beans Can Opener
Peyton Manning Can Opener | Bush's Baked Beans

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