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Chobani Coffee Creamer Featured Imange GIft Kit

A Scent-Sational Gift Set

Chobani, an American food company specializing in strained yogurt was looking to create a unique promotional gift set inspired by their popular coffee creamer flavors. With a clear vision in mind, Chobani faced several challenges in bringing their concept to life. They sought to achieve PMS-matched wax colors and custom scents that mirrored the delectable aromas of their creamer lineup, all within a limited production run of only 40 sets. However, most candle vendors had minimum order quantities too large for Chobani’s project, and ready-made jars lacked full customization.

Undeterred, BAMKO collaborated closely with Chobani and multiple vendors to find innovative solutions tailored to their requirements. Leveraging BAMKO’s network, empty jars were sourced and BAMKO partnered with one of their vendors that helped create custom wax colors and scents that perfectly matched Chobani’s creamer flavors. To complete the gift sets, Another vendor helped design a premium, protective box that enhanced the overall presentation of the candles.

The result? Chobani received 40 stunning gift sets that flawlessly captured the essence of their creamer line, both in color and scent. Despite the challenges, BAMKO’s commitment to creativity and excellence ensured the success of this project, leaving a lasting impression on Chobani’s customers and elevating their brand in the process.

Chobani Creamer Kit - Candle Scents
Chobani Kit Box

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