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From Mural to Merch

SkipTheDishes, known for its innovative approach to food delivery, embarked on a mission to infuse its workplace with a vibrant blend of creativity and identity. Seeking to translate their office mural into captivating merchandise, they enlisted the expertise of another fellow homegrown talent, West Coast-based Art + Design Studio, Chairman Ting. With True North Square in Winnipeg as the canvas, Ting crafted a mesmerizing mural spanning over 30 feet—a graphic time capsule chronicling Skip’s journey coast to coast, across the Canadian landscape. Phil Sylver, Head of Creative, Brand + Content at Skip, spearheaded this initiative, embedding the mural with countless Easter eggs showcasing iconic milestones, landmarks, and even celebrity cameos like Jon Hamm and Snoop Dogg.

Inspired by this visually captivating narrative, Skip turned to BAMKO to transform the artwork into a stunning collection of custom-branded merchandise. From cozy onesies to chic sweaters and sweatshirts, each piece radiated quality and fashion-forward flair, ensuring employees could proudly showcase their connection to the brand. To further immerse employees in the Skip story, BAMKO crafted a deck of playing cards adorned with meticulously designed landmarks—a playful homage to the company’s rich history.

With the launch of the branded merchandise just two weeks ago, the response has been overwhelming. Skip employees eagerly embraced these hip offerings, seamlessly blending art and fashion to create a unique and immersive brand experience. From the office mural to wearable storytelling, Skip continues to redefine employee engagement with creativity, passion, and style.

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