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The Ultimate Team-Up for a Super Snackable Sensation

GoPuff, your friendly neighborhood delivery service for quick essentials, teamed-up with BAMKO for a promotional stunt more super than Compound V. Their mission? To take some excitement for the premiere of the new season of their promotional partner Amazon Prime’s show “The Boys” and turn it into GoPuff sales.  

Inspired by the show’s dark humor and twisted take on superheroes, BAMKO’s team whipped up a custom food truck-shaped package adorned with the logo of the evil corporation from the show, Vought. Inside this food truck, fans would discover a delightful surprise: a herd of farm-animal-shaped gummies, hinting at the juicy chaos teased in upcoming episodes. 

These diabolically delicious treats were offered as a limited edition free gift with a purchase of $25 or more. The exclusive nature of the offering made it a must-have for fans of the show, creating a frenzy on social media and selling over 1,000 units in just the first day of the campaign. 

This collaboration is a testament to the power of creative synergy and super-powered teamwork. GoPuff is more than a modern snacking sensation –  they maintain a long-standing partnership with Amazon Prime, built on exciting collaborations and endless promotional possibilities. When they teamed-up with BAMKO, we helped them prove that promotional products can be more than just swag. They can be a conversation starter, a social media moment, and a tasty treat all in one. 

Tapping into the dark humor and cultural relevance of “The Boys,” this dream-team created a snackable sensation that’s leaving fans hungry for more. After all, who can resist a snack that’s both tasty and a hilarious commentary on corporate overreach?

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