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Sunset Program

If you plan to retire or “sunset” your book of business in the next three to five years, here is how BAMKO can help you achieve that goal and maximize your earning potential in the process.

Step 1. We will bring you onto the BAMKO team and provide you with support, tools, and resources to grow your business. This will be through the expansion of existing accounts and the acquisition of new clients. We want to work with you to grow your book as much as possible to increase your future payout during the sunset period.

Step 2. Prior to your final year, we will assign an Account Manager to work with you to learn your clients, understand their needs, and build relationships with your contacts. This is a BAMKO employee, hired for their ability, trained on our systems, and managed to achieve growth goals.

Step 3. Once that year ends, you can release those accounts to that Account Manager, and receive a payout for three years during your sunset period. You will not need to be involved in any aspect of the business while earning your payout.

If you would like to learn more about this program, please contact us.

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