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Where Your Golf Game Meets Your A-Game

For many, golf is more than a sport. It’s a lifestyle. 

And to the golf aficionado, a successful game is not just about the swing; it’s about the swagger. You need gear that elevates your performance and style, blending functionality with flair. Because when you look good, you feel good. And when you feel good, you play even better. 

BAMKO is your one-stop shop for golfing essentials that’ll take your game from “meh” to “magnificent.” We’re not just talking about basic logo-laden polos. We’re talking about footwear so comfy you’ll forget you’re walking 18 holes, and fashion essentials that are just as fun as they are functional. 

It’s time to take your swing—and your style—to the next level.

Look your Best On and Off the Fairway 


Man wearing Bad Birdie branded Polo Shirt in blue swinging a golf club.

BAMKO’s got your top half covered with shirts that are as stylish as they are functional. Feeling fun? Go for a polo with a print that screams “personality.” Need to up your game? Slip into a performance tank that’ll make you feel like a golfing pro. Our Bad Birdie polo shirt and performance sleeveless polo will have you looking good and feeling cool, even when the sun is pressuring you to call it quits.

These shirts aren’t just about looking good – they’re designed to wick away sweat so you can focus on your athletic aspirations, not your perspiration.


Lost track of time chasing that elusive hole-in-one? BAMKO’s Fairway & Greene quarter zip pullover or B Draddy Sport Everyday Vest are designed to keep you comfy whether you’re battling a surprise rain shower, a cheeky breeze, or a sunset that makes you say, “wow, it got cold fast!” It’s the perfect piece for those rounds that turn into adventures, ensuring you stay warm and stylish even when the 19th hole is calling your name.


Footwear That’s Par for the Course (and Beyond)


 It’s time to liberate your toes with comfort-oriented golf slides. These aren’t your average poolside flip-flops– these Reef brand “Mulligan” slides arelight blue and tan golf slides with tee holder and golf ball heel specifically engineered for the green. Complete with a golf tee holder that’ll have you teeing off like a pro, these slides are the ultimate blend of comfort and convenience. So ditch your sweaty socks and embrace a footwear revolution that’s perfect for the golf course. Your feet (and your game) will thank you.

black golf shoe with blue and white tread. For the discerning golfer who appreciates the classics, BAMKO presents the Flex Golf Shoe by FootJoy. This isn’t your grandpa’s sneaker– it’s a modern marvel that combines the sophistication of a traditional design with the comfort and flexibility your feet crave after hours on the course.

Wearing this shoe on the course makes a statement – that you value both performance and style, and you won’t compromise on either.



Bringing Your Brand To New Heights branded golf gloves with Pabst Blue Ribbon logo


Impress clients with more than just your drive through custom branded golf gloves, a subtle yet powerful way to showcase your company’s logo and message. Whether you’re gifting them to clients or outfitting your team for a tournament, these gloves become more than just accessories – they’re an extension of your brand’s identity, adding a touch of sophistication to every swing.

branded golf balls


Branded golf balls are the ultimate way to launch your logo into the world– literally. Imagine your company emblem emblazoned on a golf ball, soaring through the air with each drive. Every time that ball lands, your brand gets a standing ovation.

It’s advertising that’s anything but boring, taking your logo on a wild ride beyond the office and onto the fairways. 

Golf giveaway essentials including golf-ball shaped sunscreen and golf ball textured beer koozie.


Transform your team’s golf game from “bogey” to “birdie” with gear that’s as fun as it is functional. From hat clips that double as bottle openers, to golf ball packaged sunscreens, to custom kits containing anything from ball cleaners to beer koozies, these essentials are the secret to turning a day on the course into a hole-in-one party.

Whether your team is made up of seasoned pros or weekend hackers, this gear is guaranteed to bring out their inner athlete.



Ready to upgrade your golf game – and your wardrobe?


Whether you’re aiming to impress clients, elevate your team’s game, or simply express your style, BAMKO has the gear to make it happen. Remember, golf isn’t just about the scorecard; it’s about the experience. And with BAMKO’s golf essentials, you can ensure that every experience is stylish, comfortable, and unforgettable, from the first tee to the final putt.

Browse BAMKO’s collection today and let your golf game (and your closet) reflect the stylish champion you are. 

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