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Join our Panelists as they Spill the Tea on Brand Success

Want the tea on personal branding success? 

Then grab your favorite mug and get ready to level up your game, because BAMKO’s upcoming webinar “Selling YOU: The Benefits of Building a Personal Brand” is about to share all the piping hot tips and tricks that you need to stand out.

Prepare to sip on some serious knowledge as our panel of branding experts – Samantha Fullerton, Jenna Quaranta, Savannah Dmytriw, Joelly Goodson, Lauren Esser, and our fabulous host Natalie O’Learydish out their insider advice that will help you build or bolster your own personal brand. 

Clear your calendar for Wednesday, June 12th at 9am PST/12pm EST, and get your all-access pass to:

    • Standing out in a crowded marketplace: Discover the strategies that will make your name unforgettable in your industry.
    • Showcasing your unique value proposition: Learn how to communicate your unique value proposition in a way that captivates your audience.
    • Building a loyal following: Connect with your target audience on a deeper level and turn them into lifelong fans.
    • And so much more!

So get ready to meet and become inspired by these branding gurus as they share the secrets of their personal branding success. 


Meet the Panelists 


Samantha Fullerton

Samantha Fullerton, aka Self Promo Sam, is a branded-merch magician. Since 2008, she has been presenting the best branded merchandise solutions to her clients at an excellent value.

Through color and content, Samantha’s brand expresses her dedication to sustainable solutions, leveraging earth-tones and a collage of nature, pets, and natural beauty. She positions her work as an adventure, furthering the sentiment that everything she does is backed by her pursuit of happiness and obsession with the world of branded merch.

“Building a personal brand wasn’t my focus but seemed to happen organically after watching my step-dad create a successful tire business based on one thing – being someone who is always willing to help,” said Samantha. “Now, my clients know that they can call me with any request, and whether I can assist or refer to someone who can, I make sure they are well taken care of.”

Through this cohesive and captivating personal brand, Samantha has made her mark on her followers across Instagram and LinkedIn. She presents a warm and relatable aesthetic that mirrors her friendly, joy-focused approach to both work and life in general. 


Jenna Quaranta

Jenna Quaranta, better known in the industry as JQ, is a sales coaching savant.

With over a decade in the industry, her no-BS approach paired with her tactical mindset are key to her success– as well as to her brand persona.

Recognized in the Top 10 by PPAI’s Online18 as one of the industry’s key influencers, JQ’s energetic brand is a seamless reflection of her lively personality. Showcased through a muted black and nude color scheme with pops of vibrant color,  JQ’s brand is tailored to express her passion for everything that she does, showcasing her family, her hobbies, and her personal successes as well as her professional ones.

“My brand strategy is all about leveraging my life experiences to motivate, inspire, and transform others,” said JQ. “It took me some time to realize this, but I now know that my purpose is to serve others. By building my Field Training and Field Sales Method, I’m using my journey to bring light and positive change to those around me.”

With her dynamic and spirited personality showing through in every aspect of her brand, it is no surprise JQ has created an incredible impact on her followers across Instagram and LinkedIn


Savannah Dmytriw

Savannah Dmytriw absolutely owns the upscale branded merch space through her renowned tag @MERCHGIRLY, and the instantly recognizable brand that comes with that name.

Savannah’s brand is apparent in every aspect of what she does. Through the tagline “The Anna Wintour of Corporate Merch” Savannah tells you right away what she is all about. With a clear pink, black and white aesthetic, and upbeat girly vibes, Savannah builds a sense of camaraderie with her followers by speaking to them as if they are close friends.

She shares educational but funny memes, POV’s and TikTok style videos for those quick, promotional moments, and glimpses into her day-to-day life.

“The experience of creating my personal brand as @MERCHGIRLY to me has been so much more about giving people glimpses into the experience of working with me in a way that doesn’t translate so easily on an email or Zoom call,” said Savannah. 

Savannah is the queen of creating and owning her niche, and engages her followers on Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn through her fun and relatable content and lovable goofy-girly attitude. 


Lauren Esser

Lauren Esser poises herself as her audience’s personal swag stylist, and style is a carefully curated element at the forefront of her personal brand.

With a passion for turning dreams into reality, Lauren showcases her creative expertise through a brand that pops with life and color.

Lauren’s slogan, S.W.A.G. = Stuff. With. A. Goal.” is an instantly identifiable representation of the value she offers, expressing her impact-focused approach to promo and merchandising. Her profile displays an artistic palette of what merch can offer, while clearly conveying how she can curate these products into any corporate solution.

“Personal branding is about being yourself,” said Lauren. “If you focus on your values and what makes you unique, that’s energizing and you’ll attract the right people.”

Lauren’s brand is a perfect blend of personality, professional expertise, and mission-driven prioritization, drawing followers to her Instagram and LinkedIn with the clearly expressed value of solutions tailor designed to each client’s need and style. 


Joelly Goodson

Joelly Goodson is the Branding Badass! She leverages her fiery personality and passion for personal branding through a clear cut brand, with high-energy and go-get-em vibes.

Joelly is an award-winning branding expert who has spent the last 20+ years helping businesses build their brands. She was ranked #3 on PPAI’s #Online18: The Best Promo Pros on Social Media for 2024, and is the creator and host of BRANDING MATTERS – Canada’s top branding podcast. Joelly’s brand leverages her network, expertise and accolades through a clear cut mission to share knowledge and help create more brand badasses. With a rockstar red and black color palette she’s created an instantly recognizable aesthetic that aligns with her badass identity.

“Once you figure out what your BADASS super power is, you’ll have a clear sense of purpose and direction,” said Joelly.

Joelly’s brand is a clear and cohesive representation of what she offers to her followers on Instagram and LinkedIn: a strong blend of education, attitude, and advice on how to stand out.  


Natalie O’Leary

Natalie O’Leary is the custom-solutions queen. Her brand leverages her expert capabilities from concept to execution, as well as glimpses of her goofy-side, creating a perfect blend of personality and professionalism.

Offering premium partnerships to clients and going beyond merch to offer overall brand elevation, Natalie has established herself as an expert in promotional impact. Her focus is on creating solutions for her clients that lead to maximum visibility and market resonance. 

With a profile filled with pastels and fun splashes of vibrant color, Natalie’s brand is all about family and fun with an emphasis on her professional success. The relatability of goofy-mom moments paired with wow-worthy merch creates an engaging profile with something for everyone.

“Transforming a passion for promo into a personal brand, I strive to educate and elevate, showcasing not just expertise but also authenticity,” said Natalie. “Through tailored talents and a commitment to building trust, my mission is to empower others, leaving a lasting impression.”

Natalie’s brand is a flawless exemplification of a work-hard-play-hard vibe that expresses both her fun energy and professional prowess. This blend engages her followers on Instagram and LinkedIn by leveraging her expertise, and displaying what a blast she is to work with. 


This isn’t just another webinar; it’s your all-access pass to the world of personal branding.


Don’t miss your chance to sip on the secrets behind these branding pros’ rise to success. We’re talking actionable tips, insider strategies, and the kind of personal branding wisdom that can transform your career from ordinary to extraordinary.

So check out our panelist’s profiles, drop them a follow, even reach out and say hello! And of course, register today for “Selling YOU: The Benefits of Building Your Personal Brand” and get ready to transform your career, one brand-boosting tip at a time.


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