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Best of PPAI 2024 | Our Top Picks

From January 15th to 17th, the annual PPAI Expo illuminated Las Vegas as North America’s ultimate industry trade show. As the prime launch pad for suppliers and distributors, this renowned event drew highly engaged distributors and thousands of industry professionals. An annual gathering of industry experts, The PPAI Expo fosters collaboration, offering a dynamic platform to discover the latest products, technologies, and trends.

Out of the thousand companies that exhibited this year, here are BAMKO’s top picks!


  1. Chill Cups
  2. Tahoe Beanie
  3. The Blaso Bag

What Makes This Combo Great: This is the perfect combination for game day fun! Game day ready! Hosting a shindig?Let the games begin!


  1. Double Wall Bottle
  2. Smart Bottle

What Makes This Combo Great: Craving something that screams uniqueness and sparks conversations? Choose between a sleek stainless steel hex-inspired water bottle OR a bottle that will nudge you when it’s time to hydrate!


  1. Cocktail Concentrate
  2. BBQ Thermometer
  3. Cookies

What Makes This Combo Great: Entertaining essentials: Cocktails, Cookout, and Confections! Impress your friends with flavorful BBQ and expertly crafted drinks. No more average grub and bland beverages! With the right equipment, you’ll amaze your guests. And for the grand finale, custom cookies to complete the delectable banquet!


  1. Custom Patches
  2. Mid Weight Hoodie

What Makes This Combo Great: This combo is legendary! Take your custom created hoodie and patch it up to your hearts desire. Literally, you can customize this hoodie with these patches! It’s like a 2 for 1 deal.

Unique Finds

  1. Beach Pillow
  2. Puplid
  3. Custom Wallets

What Makes These Great Items: Say goodbye to using sand as a makeshift pillow for that perfect tan! Oh, and don’t forget to gift your adorable canine a sun hat to shield their adorable face! And hey, might as well splurge on a new wallet to treat yourself to some delicious beach snacks.

Key Takeaways
A lot of the items shown (and even our favorites!) have some sort of sustainability component to them. This is what clients and end users are seeking out in 2024. The industry’s largest firms are riding the green wave trend with increased offerings of eco-friendly items.

What is the other takeaway we saw on the show floor? Colorful, intricate, and beautifully designed boxes are all the rage this year. Who doesn’t want a colorful eye-popping package showing up at their front door?

Feel free to access the Look Book to explore a curated collection of other featured products. Download it now to discover the latest additions.

Cover page of products at the PPAI Event in Last Vegas
PPAI Best of 2024 Cover Page

Interested in seeing what other trends we saw at the PPAI Expo? Contact us today! We can help spark some ideas for your clients, employee, or even yourself!

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