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February Lookbook

February Lookbook | What’s Inside

Embark on a journey celebrating women-owned businesses with our latest lookbook! Highlighting the remarkable talent of female entrepreneurs, our February edition sets the stage for International Women’s Month in March.

Explore some of our favorite highlights in this month’s edition:

Women-Owned Businesses

  1. Overachiever Jacket
  2. Pom Hat
  3. Dark Chocolate

Women Owned Business Products: Chocolate, Pom Hat and Jacket

Stay cozy and stylish with a zip-up and pom hat, thoughtfully designed and produced by female entrepreneurs who embody creativity and craftsmanship while nibbling on some sweet dark chocolate!

$25 & Under

  1. Electric Neck Massager
  2. Hydration Bottle
  3. Lip Moisturizer

$25 and Under: Lip Balm, Water Bottle and Neck Massager Product

Treat yourself to relaxation with an electric neck massager, stay hydrated on the go with this stylish hydration bottle, and keep your lips moisturized and nourished with the soothing lip balm—all without breaking the bank.


  1. Leather Journal
  2. Messenger Bag
  3. Leather Cord Wrap

Leather Products: Bags and Cords

Elevate your everyday essentials with timeless sophistication of premium leather goods. From a classic leather journal to a versatile messenger bag and a sleek cord wrap, each item exudes style and functionality for the modern professional on-the-go.

These items can be mixed and matched, used as great gifts for employees, trip incentives, supporting women and their businesses, or even kitted! Explore our Look Book to delve into a carefully curated selection of additional featured products. Download now to uncover the newest additions.

See something that could be used for a corporate gift but need more ideas? Reach out to us today! Let us help spark some inspiration! We’ve got you covered.

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