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The Pickleball Phenomenon

Pickleball, coming in as the fastest-growing sport in America for the third year in a row, has been captivating players of all ages and skill levels. What started as a backyard pastime in the 1960s has now evolved into a serious sport with dedicated enthusiasts, professional tournaments, and even international competitions. Today, it continues to grow, with more people joining in on the fun and more locations to play, but when it comes to pickleball, the ordinary paddle and pickle-accessories just won’t cut it! We’ve showcased the best pickleball products that are fully customizable to suit any player.


Customizing your pickleball set is key! From paddle weight to ball color, to personalized designs and accessories, tailor everything to suit your style and needs. Enhance performance and stand out on the court with a set that’s uniquely yours!

Paddle Cover

Branded with company logos or custom designs, neoprene covers provide excellent visibility and serve as effective marketing tools at tournaments, events, or as corporate gifts. Their durable construction ensures long-lasting exposure for the brand while providing recipients with a functional and appreciated item that reinforces brand loyalty and engagement within the pickleball community.

Pickleball Bags

The RallyReady pickleball tote stands as the quintessential court companion, designed to enhance every player’s experience. With a front pocket meticulously crafted to cradle your paddle securely, it ensures easy access and protection for your essential equipment. This sleek and practical bag not only offers functionality but also serves as a powerful promotional product. Branded with logos or custom designs, the RallyReady tote becomes a mobile billboard, effortlessly spreading brand awareness at tournaments, clubs, and community events.

Pickleball Stats
  • Pickleball was invented in 1965 on Bainbridge Island, Washington, by three dads
  • The name “pickleball” is rumored to have originated from the Pritchard family’s dog named Pickles, who would chase after stray balls during the game. (Some sources say otherwise).
  • A pickleball court is about one-third the size of a tennis court, measuring 20 feet wide and 44 feet long for doubles play, and 20 feet wide and 22 feet long for singles play. The net height is 34 inches at the center.

It’s clear that this sport is here to stay. With its exponential growth and widespread appeal, it’s more important than ever to equip yourself with the right gear to elevate your game. From the latest customizable paddles to a wide range of accessories designed to enhance your playing experience, the options are endless.

If you’re seeking an exciting spring or summer activity to inject some competitive spirit into your team, look no further! Reach out to us, and one of our dedicated BAMKO Sales Representatives will expertly source the finest options available, ensuring your employees enjoy the ultimate in competitive fun!

Customization is key to standing out and creating something that is uniquely yours; learn more about the endless possibilities of branded merchandise!

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