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Webinar Recap | Sustainable Swag: Navigating the Lifecycle of Branded Merchandise

To address client expectations and uphold corporate social responsibility obligations, the President of BAMKO, Jake Himelstein, has taken proactive steps to intensify its commitment to sustainability. Partnering with SwagCycle, established by sustainability advocate Ben Grossman, BAMKO is leading the charge toward a greener approach to branded merchandise.

SwagCycle’s Impact
SwagCycle’s impact speaks volumes, having facilitated over $3 million in charitable donations and diverted nearly 2 million items from landfills. Their mission centers around responsible divestment practices, with a keen emphasis on landfill diversion and waste reduction.

Sustainable Solutions
BAMKO highlighted its role in driving positive change within the industry. By collaborating with SwagCycle, BAMKO is committed to reducing environmental impact and promoting sustainable solutions. Together, BAMKO and SwagCycle shared insights into responsible divestment practices, emphasizing the importance of landfill diversion and waste reduction.

One of the key focus areas of the webinar was apparel recycling, where BAMKO’s strategic partnerships with specialized facilities ensured efficient waste diversion. The significance of extending the lifespan of quality items through donations to charitable partners, showcasing their global impact, including efforts in aiding war-torn countries like Syria and the YMCA.

Sustainability offers a compelling value proposition that yields benefits for both the environment and businesses. For more details and to commence your sustainability journey, reach out to BAMKO today. Let’s embark together on the path to a greener tomorrow.

To view the complete webinar in its entirety, please click this link!

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