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Championing the Impossible

2K, a celebrated American video game publisher, marked its 25th anniversary with the release of a new game featuring a digital representation of a championship ring. In anticipation of their exclusive NBA2K24 Community Day event, they envisioned bringing this digital concept to life, recognizing its potential to captivate their audience. However, the project came with its set of challenges, including a demanding deadline and the absence of an actual ring to work from.

In response to the task at hand, BAMKO rose to the occasion, identifying a trusted vendor with the capability to expedite the production process. BAMKO’s creative department played a pivotal role in transforming the digital concept into product ready drawings. BAMKO’s creative team was tasked with redrawing every detail to create vector files and sourcing similar fonts all while racing against an exceedingly tight timeline. The seamless communication between BAMKO, the factory, and the client ensured the project’s smooth progression and secured all necessary approvals.

The result was nothing short of a triumph, with the championship ring taking center stage at the NBA2K24 Community Day event, where it garnered significant attention and social media buzz, leaving a lasting impression. The ring’s widespread presence across various platforms underscores the remarkable impact BAMKO had on this memorable occasion. The tangible symbol not only commemorated 2K’s 25th anniversary but also held event attendees enthralled throughout the celebration.

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