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Elevating Cardiovascular Health

The American Heart Association (AHA) is a non-profit organization committed to advancing cardiovascular health globally. At the heart of its mission lies the Life Is Why campaign, an annual retail giving initiative operating nationwide. This campaign aims to raise funds and awareness for AHA programs while educating the public on cardiovascular health.

Through a strategic collaboration between the American Heart Association (AHA) and BAMKO, the Life Is Why campaign witnessed a transformative evolution. Facing challenges in product sourcing consistency and user experience, The American Heart Association sought BAMKO’s expertise to revamp the initiative. Together, they developed a tailored ordering portal, empowering sponsors with streamlined procurement processes and customizable branding options. This partnership not only bolstered program awareness and engagement but also led to remarkable fundraising success, with BAMKO producing printed material in thousands of retail locations around the country. By ensuring unified branding and enhancing user experience, this collaboration exemplifies the profound impact of strategic partnerships in driving social initiatives toward meaningful outcomes.

You can check out the Life Is Why campaign here.

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