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The Purrrfect Date Night!

Valentine’s Day in the Cat Lady Life never looked so good. Fancy Feast, a renowned cat food brand, wanted to create a fun “date night” for customers and their cats! Our solution was a kit that contained fancy gifts for both cat and cat owners alike to create a memorable bonding experience.

We created a ceramic gold plate and gold serving spoon for the cat and a matching plush sweatshirt for their owner so they could cozy up together in style. Leaning into the motif, we added a wine tumbler and fuzzy socks to put a cherry on top of the “celebrating on the couch” look. The gifting kit contained 3 toys to delight the cat and, of course, some treats and Fancy Feast to be dined upon on the ceramic gold plate. BAMKO’s all-in-one solution involved kitting and fulfillment, box design, and an eCommerce solution.

We created a memorable, social-media-worthy, bonding experience between cat and owner that left our audience thrilled with the brand. Between the social media interactions and press from People Magazine and Better Homes and Gardens, this was the purrrfect date night!

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