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MetLife Kit - Sustainability

Sustainability in Bloom

MetLife, a global insurance company, recently revamped its Employee Value Proposition (EVP) branding. That process led them to recognize the need to create a consistent new hire experience across all regions. The existing solution was disjointed, with each region doing its own sourcing, resulting in inconsistent product quality, compromised brand integrity, and missing out on the opportunities offered by economies of scale. Hoping to solve each of these issues while bolstering global distribution and placing an emphasis on it, they turned to BAMKO. BAMKO sourced items with an eco-friendly focus, created unified brand integrity, generated substantial cost savings, ensured consistent product quality, and streamlined global distribution. Best of all, we planted over 4,000 trees in connection with the pilot program to support MetLife’s corporate sustainability goals. You can learn more about the project here.

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