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BAMKO’s Commercial Print Expansion: Meet Michael O’Neal

Big news! BAMKO is expanding our commercial print capabilities, and we’ve got a dynamic expert joining the team to help us make it happen.Michael O Neal Commercial Print SME Headshot

Meet Michael O’Neal, our new Vice President of Enterprise Accounts. With over thirteen years of experience, O’Neal has held senior leadership roles with leading companies in the industry. Now, he is ready to take his role as a subject matter expert to new heights, spearheading BAMKO’s expansion into the commercial print vertical.

We sat down with O’Neal to get to know more about him and his goals for this new role:


Q: How did you get into the industry, and why commercial printing?

A: Before my career in sales, I was actually a professional golfer. I really enjoyed it, but reached a point where I felt I was beginning to plateau. Through a connection with a promo/advertising company, I found a sales job– they gave me a computer, a telephone, and a crash-course in sales.Michael O'Neal Commercial Print SME Golfing

I quickly realized how much opportunity existed in this industry. I worked my butt off to learn everything I possibly could and eventually, organically, grew my book of business. Eventually, I was brought onto their executive sales team-– a group of like fifteen people who made 90% of the company’s revenue.

Surrounded by super smart people, I just tried to become a sponge– soaking up as much knowledge as I could. From there, as I kept learning, my portfolio of print projects skyrocketed, and I became a bit of a subject matter expert myself in that category.


Q: Why do you believe expanding on BAMKO’s commercial print capabilities is important?


A: Expanding into commercial print means BAMKO can do more. A lot of the biggest players in the promotional space are more managed service providers (MSPs), outsourcing the procurement of everything they do in one big slug. 

At BAMKO, maintaining commercial print resources and capabilities will go beyond outsourcing products. We are focusing on how we can capture commercial print revenue in a way that reflects our brand’s values and mission, and our client’s brand values and missions. Commercial print stock image

My role in this expansion will be to help the sales team, and the overall company, navigate the print industry. With my experience, I can be a resource to our sales team to give them confidence when accepting projects that may have previously been outside their wheelhouse. I’ll be a resource to help our team dig deep into what the client needs, ask the right questions, and do the right research to help our sales experts deliver the best quality products every time.


Q: What about BAMKO made you want to bring your expertise here?


A: I spent a long time with the company that helped me grow from a boiler room salesman to a guy who gets to be in the room where it happens. I also realized that I didn’t want to just be in the room, but at the table. When I met BAMKO’s president Jake Himelstein, I recognized the opportunity to do something that really makes me tick; building from the ground-up.

A little background – I’ve been a certified instructor in three different fields: golf (naturally), scuba diving, and skiing. In each of those situations, I approached something I hadn’t done before, faced that challenge until I became a pro, and then built something different. In my sales career, BAMKO is providing another one of those opportunities – to build something different.

This is a scenario where I have all the LEGO pieces in front of me, no instructions, and an expert team to help me build something epic. And I’m super excited. 


Q: What are some of your goals that you hope to accomplish in this new role?


A: Aside from obvious and generic KPIs, there are three primary areas I plan to build new solutions for. First, are new from existing print opportunities. We already have a strong client base, we now need to show them that we are leaning into the projects we may have historically shied away from. 

Second,  are organic opportunities for print projects. As we break into the commercial print branch, I need to come up with a strategy that lets the world know that BAMKO is ready to handle these projects.

That brings me to the third and most important goal: making sure our sales team feels confident that they never have to say no to a project again. Key to accomplishing this goal will be supplier optimization. 

Currently, print is happening at BAMKO in silos. My task is to create a centralized resource for print projects, including supplier selector processes, vendor relationship support, and more. Streamlining, simplifying, and amplifying our commercial print processes is paramount to me, and making these clarifications will help BAMKO sales reps feel confident that they have the resources to say yes to any project–no matter the parameters.


Q: Now I have to ask, with National Ice Cream day coming up this month, which flavor will you be celebrating with?


A: Great question. Tough question. In my experience, nothing beats a classic chocolate chip ice cream. And not just any chocolate chip. Growing up in SoCal, I remember days when my dad would bring me along to Publix or Rite Aid. To this day, nothing beats a good grocery store chocolate chip ice cream.

What is Commercial Print?


Commercial print stock imageCommercial print encompasses a lot of traditional marketing concepts– from stickers, to billboards, to coffee-table books and beyond. Expanding BAMKO’s capabilities, relationships, and network within commercial print will help us confidently offer print products at the same high level of quality our clients have come to expect.

Keep up with Michael’s journey and BAMKO’s expansion into commercial print by following us on LinkedIn or Instagram, and stay tuned for more information about our latest and greatest print capabilities.

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